End Your Miserable Job Now!

Have you ever woken up stressed out and didn’t feel like going to work? You arrived in the office and checked your inbox. A client sent an email with all capital blocks and ask for endless revisions, with ridiculous deadline! You panicked and ran to your boss. He replied, “Just get it done!”

From the beginning you never wanted this job. You didn’t have many choices but to accept it. You end up having to fake your smile everyday. You pretend to work when your boss passes by. You have to sell something you don’t even want to use. You tell story you feel disgusted yourself. You don’t get to decide on anything. You wish you could find something a little bit more meaningful in your life…

If you’ve been suffering from this hell for at least two years or in two different companies, then we want to talk to you. Those things don’t exist in our universe. We do awesome things that matter. We believe we can change the world, starting from Indonesia. That’s why some people say we are not a company, but we are a MOVEMENT.

We believe Indonesia is a great nation with great talents. We empower the creative people with technology. We create sustainable ecosystem through collaboration. We want to be the hub of innovators, makers, creators and tech startups. Everything we do every single day evolve around our dream of the better Indonesia. If that sounds like a vision to you, then write to us at kabar@kibar.co.id and tell us why we should reply to you with a meeting!

We’re looking for exceptional individuals with purpose to make changes happen in our country. We want to talk to people who knows how to deal with people. You work within a diverse team and manage multiple exciting projects with high-impact deliverables. You are super organized, discipline with timeline, and high achiever. With professional interpersonal skills, you are strongly interested in strategic planning, project management and communication. You are also a self-starter who brings a determined, solution-oriented attitude. Yes, right now, we’re looking for you who suit Account Manager & Executive position.

If you’re still reading this by now, most probably you’re interested in our mission. If you think you have what it takes, please tell us how awesome you are at kabar@kibar.co.id. We look forward to working together with great talents like you.

For Indonesia. Forward.


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