Startup Life Sucks

It’s you and your best friend versus the world. Top graduates from top university in the country. Crème de la crème.

Corporate life wasn’t really your thing. You believed you can make change happen. Just like Jack and Mark and Larry and Sergey.

Build an app, they said. A tech startup, people said. To change the world, they said again. An investor would throw money, you believed.

Six months later. Nobody wanted to download the app. Except mom and dad, bro and sis. Market validation no good, they preached.

You joined a startup pitch. An elevator pitch, because stairs were so last decade. They judged you in 2 minutes. They wanted a business model canvas. On a canvas, literally. Yet all you have was a powerpoint. Sigh.

Life went on. A legendary mentor told you to try growth hacking. Suddenly you were a hacker. But the traction just wasn’t there. What the heck!

You caught a glimpse of an article. Tech blogger said no more unicorn. All of a sudden, everybody wanted to be a cockroach. Cock what? Apparently, VCs wanted cockroaches. Micro creatures that survives every shit. You hate shit. And cockroach the most. What the fak.

You started to question what you believed. Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?

Well, perhaps startup life is not really for you. We understand that entrepreneurship is tough and not for everyone. Don’t worry though. If you still have that fire inside, we might have something just for you.

KIBAR, a tech-startup ecosystem builder that produce, mentor, and nurture startups, is looking for Startup Relations, Startup Program Coordinator, and Incubator Evangelist.

Who we want to meet:

  1. Startup founders who are about to give up the startup life. If you have failed or given up on your startup, that’s even better.
  2. Startup team members who are sick and tired of startup perks and all the bullshits.
  3. Startup enthusiasts who think you got what it takes to change the current startup scene in the country.

What we promise:

  1. We will strive everyday in making Indonesia the tech leader of the world.
  2. If we really like you, we will treat you like family.
  3. We will compensate you with a decent amount of salary. Not very high though. We don’t have investor’s money to burn. Sorry.

What we expect:

  1. Someone who is eager to work with meaningful startups and help them keep creating real impact everyday.
  2. Someone who is willing to travel to 10 cities across Indonesia to meet our communities and partners.
  3. Someone who gets blessings from parents and religious leaders to visit Silicon Valley for work purposes. Someday. Probably.

If you think the opportunity is for you, tell us your story and your experience during your startup life. Make it short and sweet. Shed some tears if needed. That’s cool, we know it’s painful.

Reach us at
May the force be with you.